Astro Photography

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I’ve always been interested in the sky. I can remember looking up at the stars on summer camping trips around Bear Lake, Utah near the Idaho border until dawn marveling at all the little pinpoints of light. Then came the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December of 2020. I took a really bad pic with my cell phone, a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and was amazed that I could make out what were the rings of Saturn. A little later that month, someone I know showed me how to take really great night pictures with my Note 20. And then my journey down the rabbit hole began.

In late December and early January I started to take pictures of the night with my Canon. I struggled at first learning how to focus but with some research and the help of the Internet, I figured it out. I became even more excited about this new hobby. I learned that I could combine my passion for computers with this new hobby and I became even more excited.

I joined board called The Sky Searchers in late January and started my research into telescope equipment and how to control one with my computer. After much research and a lot of questions answered by some really cool people, I purchased my AP rig to the tune of $3,650 in late February. I purchased the Sky View EQ6-R Pro GoTo mount and the Orion 80mm ED APO refractor along with all the accessories needed to pursue my new hobby of astrophotography.

I thought I would write about it in it’s own little world at but have since changed my mind and decided to add it here from it’s own place at the the top of my world here.